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Energetics and Tissue States Wheel – Traditional Western Herbalism

As I mentioned in some previous blog posts, I’m currently taking an herbalism course with herbalist Jim McDonald. I find that visualizing material really helps me. This is my visual from the first class–its the energetics of herbalism, upon which everything rests.  I made this at 13″ x 20″ on some board with watercolors and ink.

Update: I have a poster available for sale on Zazzle.com if you are interested –its full size!

About the image: My thinking about this image and how to read it is this: the energetic quality is on the outside, the tissue states is in the first row, then the herbal actions with the same temperature/quality are on the inside.  So you have both hot states, and hot herbs, all in one slice of the pie. If you click on the image, it will take you to a larger version of the file.

Tissue States / Herbal Actions Wheel

Tissue States / Herbal Actions Wheel